Welcome to RFIDgen

GEN Identification Technologies LTD

RFIDGen is an independent component and technology supplier acting throughout the entire value chain of RFID, BLE and smartcards-based systems.

Today the company serves both component manufacturers and system

integrators on a global scale, and end customers locally in Israel.

Turnkey Solutions

Tailored and custom solutions to your specific needs

  • Anti-counterfeiting

  • Logistics

  • Pharma

  • Sensing technologies

  • and more



  • Secure authentication and login

  • Security Solutions

  • Custom Design

  • SDKs

Tags and Cards

  • RFID Tags

  • NFC Tags

  • Contact cards

  • Contactless cards

  • BLE\NFC Virtual Cards


  • Contact

  • HF & NFC

  • EPC (UHF)

  • Low-frequency

  • BLE Readers

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