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Daniel Fainsod, GM and R&D manager


Daniel is responsible for the overall management of the company and the development of new technologies. Previously he served as RFID R&D VP of BlueShift Technologies, Ltd. – responsible for the development of hardware and custom ERP software.


Daniel is a technology focused professional broadly experienced in applying technological solutions to customer’s needs. As an Israel Air Force / Intelligence Corps Development Branch officer for seventeen years, Daniel shared responsibility in the management of complex multi-million dollars development projects involving major Israeli, European and US contractors.


Daniel completed curriculum studies of the MBA program of Tel Aviv University. He holds a MSc Applied Physics in Microelectronics and a BSc Physics and Mathematics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Rube Fainsod Manager OEM, Mechanical and integration


Ruben Fainsod comes for a multidisciplinary studies Business Administration, Chemistry and Computer information systems. Ruben has been involved in 10ths of OEM project integrating components and systems in machines in Medical, Printing, Semiconductor, Diamond, machine tool, homeland and other industries.


Projects in the electronics, RF, Mechanics and optics. Ruben has been working in RF technologies for 15 years, Before joining RFIDGen Ruben was the CEO of S2B a company that he started and gave computer system solutions during his time at S2B Ruben established over 30 hotspots abroad with complex

RF antenna installations to maximize RF coverage.


Haim Israeli Advisory Board Real time software

and security implementation


Haim Israeli is an expert in software for real time systems and cloud systems with high security requirements, Haim came out of one of the elite software development in the IDF. Background…

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