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is an independent component and technology supplier acting
throughout the entire value chain of RFID and NFC based systems.

Established in 2004, today the company serves both component manufacturers and system integrators on a global scale, and end customers locally in Israel and abroad.

RFIDGen has vast experience in OEM projects tailoring the solution to the client’s needs and dealing with mechanical, electronical and security aspects of the full solution
while taking into consideration BOM costs to make the solution cost effective.

RFIDGen offerings are built upon the experience gained in a range of
solutions and proven technology implemented in projects such as:


Anti-counterfeiting protection for consumables in retail, medical, printing and other industries.

Animal Identification from farms to government level using the latest ICAR standards.

Secure Identification for access control, based on DESFire EV1/EV2® and other contact and contactless technology.


Public transportation solutions using Mifare® family and Calypso®.

Customized tags

and tokens for NFC / RFID applications.

RFIDGen: your RFID solution’s partner.

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