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ISRA's incorporates biometric identification features

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

ISOS, ISRA's smart card operating system, incorporates identification features.

ISOS has already had the opportunity to prove itself and to demonstrate its robustness.

Its capabilities made possible the rapid addition of biometric identification features provided by ID3, a world leader in this type of technology.

This is the case today, since the OS will embed various applications to verify the identity of the cardholder in the most reliable way: their physical or morphological characteristics and without going through a server, as the storage and biometric verification is carried out directly on the card, guaranteeing all the following:

• Optimum security,

• Checks which require no particular infrastructure,

• Time saving and increased efficiency.

Indeed, during a check, depending on the chosen method, the algorithm will be able to authenticate the wearer's fingerprint or facial biometry by matching them with the data stored in the memory of a secure microcontroller CCEAL5 + (SLE77 platform provided by Infineon company) on which ISOS is developed.

If the fingerprint still requires a specific sensor, facial recognition is, on the other hand, much easier to implement. In absolute terms, a smartphone fitted with a camera and an NFC chip could be enough.

A crucial advantage for decentralised applications or lightweight devices making it possible to validate identity without being intrusive or dissuasive (access card to schools or allocation of social allowances, for example).

The presence of the verification data on the card makes it possible not only to fulfil the requirements of the GDPR, in particular on the territoriality of data storage, since these are not hosted on a server, but also on the security measures applied (Banking level).

ISRA will be among the first players to offer this type of embedded functionality in a card for various access control applications (confined spaces, campus, stadiums), identification (Government cards) or cards associated with rights (Social security, allowances, etc.)

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Brandon Ekoto
Brandon Ekoto
Jun 14, 2022

Hi! We have many isra cards but we're not able to encode on it...

Could you help us?

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